Thursday, June 9, 2011

Humble, Handsome, And Yes.. Rich

Forbes reminded us today, why Rob is every woman's dream. Sure, we love hobo Rob with all his foul-mouthed quirkiness.. but being named among the Best Paid Celebrities Under 30 certainly doesn't hurt the appeal:

Robert Pattinson, 25

$20 million

With the end of the Twilight franchise in sight, Pattinson is preparing himself for a post-vampire career. The romance Remember Me earned only $56 million but that's not bad considering the film had a tiny budget of $16 million. Water for Elephants, costarring Reese Witherspoon, also performed decently at the box office proving that audiences are willing to accept Pattinson as more than an undead heartthrob.

Oh yeah, we'll accept him.. especially in a pair of  "killer red chinos" (thanks for the lingo lesson GQ).

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  1. Robert Pattinson is truly artist with so many talents. His strength to express the emotions when he plays in the movies is excellent.Also, when he plays the piano, or guitar or when he sings, according to my opinion, the audience can feel the atmosphere of these songs and musical acts.

  2. There must be sequels to Twilight Don't Leave us Robstenless. Love these characters.