Saturday, August 13, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Soundtrack Release Date Announced!

UPDATE 8/16 - Summit promises to release the tracklist in the next few weeks! - read the complete post.

Not even gonna lie. When Summit announced that they would be releasing the official Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack on November 8th, the first thought that came to mind was Muse. We figure they'll be working on a new song for the film when they return to the studio next month. And then it struck us.. what IF Rob is indeed part of the soundtrack. It's a thought we can't even start entertaining because of fears we'll be so disappointed if he's not involved. Worse, we already know he can pull it off, thanks to Never Think and Let Me Sign. And then there's director Bill Condon, teasing us about a cast member being part of the soundtrack..

UPDATE 8/15 - Sounds like it could very well be 100 Monkeys after reading this response in a new interview with the band:

PG: Any possibility about appearing on the “Breaking Dawn Part 1 or 2″ soundtrack?
JR: Honestly, we are not allowed to talk about it.

Damn you Bill for putting that thought back in our heads! - so we're left hoping Muse strikes up another winner track, as we not so secretly wish it's actually Rob who takes center stage.


  1. Now that you mentioned this, do you think Rob and Sam is working on something for Breaking Dawn.......We saw them recently together in LA and may be that is the reason why he is still in LA...mmmm....wish that is the case...you never know ...crossing my fingers...

  2. I´m sorry for 100 monkeys fans, but that is not my I idea of something that would "please me as a fan" (as he put it in the MTV interview. Now if Rob has a song in it, that would be great, but I doubt it, I think he mentioned in one of his thousand interviews for one of his movies, that he had no plans about being in any of the Twilight soundtracks again.