Monday, August 29, 2011

Christina Ricci: "I Had A Lot Of Fun Working With Him"

Christina Ricci has been busy promoting her new TV series Pan Am, and thankfully for us she's also been talking Bel Ami. She mentions how it was working with Rob, in an interview out of Dallas:

As she heads into the fall, Ricci is already generating buzz for her role in another period piece, Bel Ami (at press time, it's yet to be picked up for distribution) in which she, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas get to take turns being entranced by Robert Pattinson."He's great; he's really an awesome guy. I had a lot of fun working with him," says Ricci. She goes to say that, despite captivating legions of teenage girls everywhere (along with most of their mothers), Pattinson maintains a respectable on-set ethic. "He's so professional," she continues. "He comes to set with no expectations or attitude. None of those things you worry someone of his level of fame is going to have."

There's still no U.S. release date for Bel Ami. 
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