Monday, August 8, 2011

"Teenagers Are Scary" - Our Trip To The TCAs

"Teenagers are scary" 

When Rob uttered those three words at the Teen Choice Awards, we knew exactly what he meant. Don't get us wrong we enjoy live shows, but once we arrived at the Gibson amphiteatre we knew this one was gonna be different.

Sign #1: Metal detectors at the entrance. Really?? - all we were surrounded by were parents with their teens and tweens. It turned out to be an early warning sign of what was to come.

At that point, I was still more worried about whether my new boho dress was see-through (it was). A group of tween bullies (girls) made that perfectly clear, after they pointed and giggled at me as I walked to the restroom. Sign #2 there was something very off with this audience (adults would have just stared me down). But I had to hurry, the show was about to begin.

Our seats were next to a Mom and her 9-year-old, who couldn't wait to see.. Justin Bieber. Kill me now I thought. And then my attention turned to the crowds swirling around the stars brave enough to walk past the crowds of teens, many of which would follow them back all the way to the backstage door. That's when we came to the same realization as Rob: Teenagers aaare scary. No offense for those of you who fall into that category. We did manage to get video of Rob walking to his seat, and taking the stage, without leaving the safety of our seats. And don't miss the rest of our coverage from the Teen Choice Awards!

A big thank you to Chilbunch who kept things going behind the scenes at Rob Pattinson News, while we attended the show. :)

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