Monday, August 29, 2011

Unbound Captives: Looks Like It's Still New Mexico!

After not hearing anything on the future of Unbound Captives for a while, just this past month we've gotten an update from the director, and a potential production start date. Now Larry 411 has a bit more on its status, and found that the location for filming is still listed as New Mexico:

Latest official production info on UNBOUND CAPTIVES --
STATUS: Spring 2012
LOCATION: New Mexico
PRODUCER: Ashok Amritraj - Gil Netter
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Madeleine Stowe
LP: Grant Hill
CAST: Hugh Jackman - Rachel Weisz - Robert Pattinson
The year is 1860 and a turbulent America is on the brink of a civil war. The story tells the volatile, epic tale of Tom, a white frontiersman, raised
Comanche and his love for May, a woman whose son and daughter are kidnapped by Indians. Their parallel lives intersect as they battle through a
vast and violent landscape, bound together by their deep love and haunted pasts, their willfulness, and a relentless search to find her disappeared

We are crossing our fingers next year finally brings that project to light, and we hear Rob speaking Comanche :)

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  1. I think this movie is a big mistake. He is a tall, pasty Englishman!
    A Commanche?
    What is his agent thinking, is it about the money or what?