Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Comic-Con: Interviews & Videos Part 2

Don't miss the rest of the interviews from Comic-Con :)

Accidental Sexiness: Rob and Kristen give exciting details about Breaking Dawn (Rob's part at about 3:20).

Click to watch at The Hot Hits or on YouTube below

Cineplex: Entire interview in one video

Cineplex -Rob talks about his favorite fan experience which involves this baby :)

(click to watch or watch on YouTube).


  1. Haha! I think Rob just gave away a lot in this clip. Well, obviously not to those who had read the book but mostly to those who were following the movie and had no idea of what's gonna happen. Rob is the biggest spoiler. Haha! And I love how he manages to just ramble whatever comes to mind. Love Love Love him! :))

  2. I loveee you ROBERT <3 soo muchh He is like so cuteee and drop dead gorgeous ! :) I mean cmn if there is a face like that who would want to be team jacob :/ Well imma team edward n i like notice in all his interviews sometimes he looks a little confused but that makes him sooo cute lovee you rob with all my heart <3 xxx :D