Thursday, August 25, 2011

"It’s The Toughest Scene I’ve Ever Had To Film In My Career"

The Chicago Sun Times mentions Breaking Dawn Part 1 in its Fall movie preview, but what caught our attention is the quotes they have from Rob:

“I’m curious to see how it will carry out,” star Robert Pattinson tells the Sun-Times. “This movie is so different from the other ones. The stakes are so much higher because now it’s time to turn the entire saga upside down.”
And then there is the matter of Bella’s baby bump. “The birth scene is frightening,” Pattinson admits. “It’s a slap in the face. It’s failure to Edward, who has to choose between losing Bella and transforming her. It’s the toughest scene I’ve ever had to film in my career because this choice tears out my heart.”

 “We saved shooting the actual wedding for last because it was so important. We needed to be immersed in it.”
Don't kill the messenger if they are not new quotes (we believe they are), still thought it was all very compelling and got us looking at the calendar again to see how many days are left until November 18th.. 85 days and counting!


  1. That is the most stupid thing I have ever read. It's a movie, not real life.

  2. this movie has been a part of their life for the past 4 years! Obviously you don't understand how an actor immerses themselves in their characters for better portrayal of them. They in a sense become them to a point. (and right, I'm sure it's the MOST stupid thing you've ever read, you must be limited)

  3. Dorym they have to make the film realistic for us guys
    Watching it and following them to u it's not real
    To me when I watch the film it is as real as my
    Life u lose ur self in the character and that is what
    A goof actor does for u thank u to all of u in the
    Twilight saga u have given me hope that there
    Are still good films out there thanks for the make
    Believe can't wait for breaking Dawn love the
    Films guys and each and every character in them
    Love a fan xxxx