Friday, August 12, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' News Wrap: What You Might Have Missed

Yes, they missed the eyes. Movie mistake #1.. check. 

We know you've already seen the new Breaking Dawn stills in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, but did you catch Producer Wyck Godfrey talking about the first film's running time?

“We’re very close to locking picture on part one,” Godfrey added. “It’s about what the other three are, about two hours. I haven’t seen an assembly for Part 2, so we’ll start to get into it in December.” 

Godfrey also talked about the film's expected rating, and the hacking incident that has Summit going after a fan in Argentina. Read more at Hollywoodnews.com.

A fan's trip to Squamish, this week gave us a closer look at some of the locations where Breaking Dawn was filmed. Her account and pictures at TwiCrack Addict includes the place where Bella and Edward allegedly exchanged their vows.

On the music front, sounds like Evanescence REALLY wants in on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack (4:50).

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There's also word that Muse is going back into the studio next month, and we certainly hope to see one of their tracks in Breaking Dawn.. it wouldn't be Twilight without it!

But the best news this week came in the form of an announcement, that UK fans will get to see EXCLUSIVE BREAKING DAWN FOOTAGE in London this weekend. We'll link you up if it makes it out of the screening room!

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