Friday, August 5, 2011

Cute Comic-Con Fan Account, The Bunnies Love Eclipse, Lawsuit Latest

It's been kind of quiet since Rob's appearance at Comic-Con two weeks ago, that's why we can't wait for Sunday. Not only will we be in the audience at the Teen Choice Awards to hopefully bring you updates, we'll get to see how Rob's hair looks now. Is he growing out the half-shaved look? or keeping the eye-catching 'do?.. can't wait to find out!

And don't forget there's only a few hours left to cast your vote for him. Hopefully he takes the stage plenty of times to accept an award!

A few new pictures out of Comic-Con hit the web today, and they come with a cute fan account from the autograph signing:

Rob: Hi. How are you?

Me: Trying not to pass out. (I know. Not cool. He smiled.)

Rob: Well don’t do that.

Me: (deep breath) So…the hair…Cosmopolis reshoots?

Rob: (his bent fingers went to the long side of his hair; my breath hitched) No. I don’t think there are going to be any reshoots, actually (a little bit of surprise in his voice).

Me: (smiling) So you just like it then.

Rob: (laughs and rocks back in his chair) Yeah!

Me: I really enjoyed Water for Elephants and made it to the premiere in New York City.

Rob: Cool. Thank you so much.

Me: I’m really looking forward to watching your career unfold and hope it includes some music in the future.

Rob: Maybe. (My heart took that as a yes.) Thanks for your support.

See more pictures and read the rest.

Director Bill Condon's partner also shared a new picture from backstage at Hall H. Jack Morrissey is always engaging fans and fun to follow. 

Looks like Summit's lawsuit against an alleged hacker is going waaay public. The studio took the unusual move of naming the woman they say is responsible for leaking pictures and clips from Breaking Dawn in March. But when the woman claimed she was innocent during a press conference, (read her statement at Twilight Poison) Summit lashed back. Read their point-by-point rebuttal. This is better than Court TV..

Finally, turns out there's plenty of twilighters living at THE mansion. Hugh Hefner giving twitter fans this update last night:

“Some of the Playmates are watching “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse downstairs"

Team Edward we hope!

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