Friday, August 20, 2010

BooBoo Finally Meets Rob!

Back in May, BooBoo Stewart talked about working on the set of Eclipse and *not* meeting Rob while he was there. (Seth's scenes with Edward were all in animated wolf form). We are happy to report that changed earlier this month, when Rob introduced himself to BooBoo at the Teen Choice Awards.

The first time Booboo met Robert Pattinson was the Teen Choice Awards last week. He said Rob was cool and came up to him and said "Hi I'm Rob we haven't met yet.

BooBoo made those comments while attending TwiTour in New Jersey today. He also said Edward was his favorite Cullen. Spoken like a true Seth! - Of course he'll get to work with Rob (in human form) for Breaking Dawn. Thanks to @Twilight Lexicon for tweeting the details of the Q&A.


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