Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Day On The 'Water For Elephants' Set: The Pics That Go With The Tweets

What could be better than reading twitter updates from the director of Water for Elephants on the last day of filming?.. how about the pictures that go with the tweets!

Priscilla shared these new and pretty amazing photos with our readers, and told us a little bit of what she experienced:
Here are some pictures I took of the train on the set of WFE. It ran in front of my house till 1am Wenesday night August 4th. The tracks run not 30 feet from my house so I can see everything. I got to see Pattinson on two different days while they did some shooting, but I did not have a camera on me at the time.
The pictures couldn't have been closer, to what Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) described Wednesday night:

Just shot probably our most beautiful train shot. Setting sun, reflections in the water & white steam shooting thru the trees.

Down to the very last shot. Train thru a tunnel at night.

Priscilla added a bit more details about what *we assume* is the tunnel used in the final shot:
There's no other way to get to this side of the tunnel except on my street. Tracks run through the old Civil war tunnel which is next to my house.
The photos added texture to the director's storytelling, and we thank Priscilla for sending them in.
Water for Elephants opens in theaters April 15, 2011.

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