Monday, August 30, 2010

Rob Out With Friends Sunday Night


Check out the rest of the pictures at Socialite Life.

Video & more pics source


  1. Is that Sam Bradley in the vid too? Loved the Tom piggyback ride! They are all just so cute!

  2. Well Rob, so glad of you to come out! I've missed you.

  3. @Gwen: yup, that's Sam Bradley...it was his birthday in fact...

  4. Where has Rob's bodyguard Dean been lately? Anybody else notice?

  5. a mi no me gustó el caballito de tom para nada

  6. I love RobTom THEY ARE TOO FUNNY. They know the comments on them and they joke about this.

  7. gosh ... i hate those stupid paparazzi pictures!
    but why do you post those pictures!
    Rob hates the paparazzi,
    and i just dont understand why everyone posts the pap pics!
    I mean,
    i would rather hear or see nothing about rob, than seeing pictures of him from paps, which wont leave him alone!

    Do you just dont know what else to post?
    or do you like those pictures?!

    Everyone who use the pics just give them more fun and reasons to stalk him.

    I like your blog, i really do!
    But i hate those paparazzi picture posts ...

  8. We go case by case when posting candid pictures and try to do so responsibly. Appreciate your feedback.

  9. I'm in agreement with anonymous regarding the paparazzi pics because Rob really dislikes the paparazzie hounding him like they do, but, I'm always grateful to see any new pics of him.

    Question to anyone out there, what is the red mark on Rob's lower back, in the banner pic, where he is laying on his stomach wearing the red/black plaid shirt. Tatoo? Nah, not Rob.

    To RobPattzNews......awesome site, the best there is on Rob.....keep up the great work.

    Lady Esk