Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'Robert Hottinson' Is Back! - Quick Reference On Lopez Tonight

One of the highlights of the Teen Choice Awards was watching George Lopez not only dress like a girl, but a girl with a crush on Edward. And it appears 'Kougar Kardashian' continues to pine over 'Robert Hottinson' and yes, Taylor Hotner too..  (at 3:30).

And not to be upstaged by Lopez, comedian Jimmy Fallon who created 'Robert is Bothered' did the popular impersonation a few times, while talking about his hosting duties at this weekend's Emmy Awards.

When talking to zap2it:
As far as we know, Robert Pattinson will not be attending the Emmys, but if he were, Fallon suspects he would be Bothered: “Why is it a red carpet? Why not green? … Why do we have to go outdoors in general? My skin sparkles in the sunlight.”
And Celebuzz:

Another force that might be able to help Jimmy on the Emmys? RPattz. Jimmy does a “Robert is Bothered” sketch on Late Night where he impersonates the brooding Twilight actor as he complains about various things. So, how would Robert react to all of this? “What’s with all the long speeches,” Jimmy asks in his best Rob voice, “who cares–we know you want to thanks your wife, you have to or you’ll get divorced!”


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