Sunday, August 15, 2010

*New* Picture: Rob & Kristen With Fans In Montreal

 @lilih73 shared more of her encounter a little later:

"It happened august 15 around 8:30pm. Location: Mtl, that's all I'm going to say. They were leaving in a cab with 2 friends, Tom (already in cab) and Sam.

We were so lucky to see them. Still cannot believe it. I asked Kristen if we could take a pic with her and the kids, she said yes, so I asked her if it was ok with Rob too and she didn't mind. Rob was busy taking pic with 2 other fans. So for the minute we waited I told her we loved her, we loved her work and Rob's and told her I was so happy (???) I could have said so many things but I was really shaking inside and my heart was beating so fast. She's so beautiful, delicate (tiny) and nice. Before Rob joigned us, my husband told her it was a dream come true for me and the girls (I guess for him too). And he made sure again it was ok for taking the pic.

Rob joined us, and my husband took the pic. I told Rob I loved his work. And they left. As much as I wanted to be in the middle, I was so happy to see her next to him. To me it was important.

I wanted to say so many things to them but it happens all so fast...and my mind went *blank*.

I'm really happy. I will never forget that day and I think our daughters won't too."

Thanks again for sharing!


  1. O: roberts hand!!! OMG

  2. where was this picture taken?

  3. That's not his hand, that's kristens.

    I can recognize robs fingers everywhere ;)

  4. oh my... kristen... i love kristen
    twitter: 07davo05

  5. if looks could kill the person taking the pic would be dead from kristen

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  7. kristen stewart is awesome i think. just like demi lovato said "Dear Kristen Stewart, you seem like the realest person in Hollywood. I admire you so much and I hope to meet you someday." she's just shy.

  8. Ok I hate to burst peoples' bubbles- but that's Kristen's own hand. Look at the angle her fingers are pointed not to mention that they're way to small to be Rob's just look at his other hand and compare the size... sorry :(

  9. Light up your face with gladness,
    Hide every trace of sadness.
    Although a tear may be ever so near,
    That's the time you must keep on trying,
    Smile, what's the use of crying?
    You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
    If you just smile. ♥

  10. oh they both look so tired :)
    but hey they could look like crap and i would still love them...
    the fan was very respectfull, it's nice :)

  11. I don't know for sure which hand people are talking about. the one on the girl to Rob's left has her Mom's hand on her shoulder. On Rob's right, Kristen has her hand on her hip. I wish Kristen had smiled but she looks tired. She has on Rob's clothes.

  12. @Debra Conway
    How do you know that these are rob's clothes?plz tell me ;D

  13. I think it's not Rob's shirt that kirsten wore, by the size of the shoulder is symmetric with her shoulder, not over length shoulder. BUT I'm happy seeing both of them together :* cups

  14. im still trying to figure out, if this is robs pants, kristen is wearing ...
    they are kinda to big for her, and she is usually wearing skinny jeans ...
    and it looks like one, i saw once at rob in a picture!
    but the shirt is definitely hers, it would be way to small for rob. it would be really tight,
    not that i would mind ;)

  15. I love how happy the little girls look! What a moment for them!