Thursday, August 19, 2010

If Rob's Cutout Could Talk..

Actor Callan McAuliffe had a cute story to tell about a certain cutout and a Flipped co-star, who's a fan of Twilight.

                                              (Our pic of Edward's cutouts at TwiTour LA)

TeenHollywood: Tell me something funny that happened either on set or off.

Callan: There's a good one. The cast all went to the mall for a day to hang out in Michigan and a few of the guys and I were browsing through a video store to find something to watch. There was this cardboard cutout Robert Pattinson figure, full-sized. I thought, 'You know what? Madeline might like this.' So we bought it and for the entire time we were at the mall, we carried it around and people were doing double-takes. Then we stuck it outside her door and knocked and ran away. She then had it sitting in the corner of her room the entire shoot. We'd be watching a movie in her room and there would be this really scary silhouette sitting in the corner. She definitely liked it but her brothers threw stuff at it.

Thanks KstewRobfans :)

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