Sunday, August 22, 2010

'Water For Elephants' Exclusive: Take A Ride On The Benzini Bros. Train!

Our very own blog contributor @Chilbunch, got a chance to visit Chattanooga, TN while Water for Elephants was filming there earlier this month. And today we share with you her exclusive videos, including the ride she took on the one and only Benzini Bros. Circus Train and Queenie's moment in the spotlight. *If you choose to post please credit us and @Chilbunch*

Train coming into the station.. what a sight!

Another view of the train in motion with its detailed props and caboose..

Want to know how it felt to ride the Benzini Bros. circus train? this by far was the best video, putting you right there with its views over the water and scenery. But our favorite part starts at 6:00 when the train's whistle warns you, you're heading into a very dark tunnel! (hear some history on that tunnel at 5:16) - also not to be missed at around 9:20, some of  the props from the movie up close as the train pulls into the station.

And we've seen 'Queenie' in pictures, but here she is strolling along for her moment in the spotlight.   

Finally, this is the home in Georgia used as Jacob's house. With the production crew gone, quite the calm and gorgeous place.

Watching these videos only reminds us what a long wait we have until Water for Elephants hits theaters April 15, but also what a wonderful film it will be!

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