Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brazil Out As A Potential 'Breaking Dawn' Location? Maybe..

Word started trickling in early today, that a potential deal to take Breaking Dawn production to Brazil had been derailed by recent violence in the city of Rio. We held back from reporting it until a news agency did a little more digging:

The cast and crew of the hit "Twilight" vampire movie series may abandon plans to shoot scenes from the final movie in Rio after a deadly shoot out there last weekend between police and a gang who took hostages in an upmarket tourist hotel.
Riofilme, the city's agency for promoting movie production, told AFP that "Twilight"'s US production company Summit Entertainment was in talks with Rio de Janeiro state officials who were trying to convince them to stay.
There was never official word that talks were even happening, but the President of RioFilme had been sharing details of the possible filming and today had this to say via his twitter:
Still about BD... Mayor Eduardo Paes and Governor Sérgio Cabral offered complete  security to the producers. It still might happen.
Along with giving specific details on casting for Breaking Dawn, Summit did confirm tonight to Twilight Lexicon that scouting is taking place in Brazil.. but not much else:

We asked Summit for an official comment on the story. Here is their statement, “The possibility of filming portions of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN in Brazil has always been under consideration and we are continuing to scout locations within the country.”

We'll stay on top of it for you as we count down to November 1, when Breaking Dawn is set to start filming in Louisiana.

Thanks to @clabozolinas for the translation :)

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