Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get Rob's Hairstyle.. Before It Goes *Out* Of Style

It was a quiet morning at work as I read through the morning headlines when it struck. The realization that since Water for Elephants has wrapped, Rob will now be letting his hair grow back to Edward's length. Don't take it the wrong way, but after months of seeing him with that shorter style, I'm kinda gonna miss it.

And of course then this GQ UK article came along, talking about how to get that now famous classic cut:

In fact, we liked Pattinson's new look so much that we asked London-based hairstylist to the A-list Johnnie Sapong - currently manning a pop-up The Studio at Jonathan Yeo's exhibition in Beverly Hills, LA - how to rip off his coiff. "This new look gives him more of a classic air, harking back to the Forties and Fifties," Sapong told us. "This could be a great move for him, away from his signature thicker, messier style to one that's more groomed."
Check out how to get Rob's look for your man.  I leave you with a tribute to Jacob's hair..


  1. Ummm... go to the hairdresser and ask for a short back and sides? LOL

  2. I think that Rob's Jacob hairstyle will be a trendsetter when WFE premiers in theaters... I bet you one dollar that I am right... LOL!