Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'Water For Elephants' About To Wrap.. Let's Hear It For The Cast & Crew

It's sure to be an emotional day on the Water for Elephants Tennessee set. Monday director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) announced on twitter, that today would be the last day of filming.

 One day left...

Of course we'll miss his updates from set, the pictures of Rob acting out his scenes as Jacob, and the amazing stories shared by the extras. But we're also excited for April 15, 2011 when the movie comes out,
because we just know it's gonna be cinematic magic.  But first let's get through today..

Monday was a busy day on set, with several key characters wrapping up for good according to Lawrence:
Early morning Chattanooga... Getting ready to shoot Christoph's last scene!  

One shot left for August, Walter, Blackie and Earl.

Just picture wrapped Christoph, Mark, Scott, Ken and Queenie. Almost done...

Aww Queenie.. Cheryl shared a picture of the pet's last day on set. Check out the rest.

Later fans got to see Rob as he walked around the set.

(at about :17)

These are from Friday's filming in Georgia via Mandy's Mind.

We also got some insight into the training that Reese went through while preparing for her role as Marlena via her stunt coordinator. She shared great details, and had wonderful things to say about Tai (the elephant) and her family as well. A must read for fans of the book.

Okay, think that's it for right now. See you on the other side of the production wrap. Already tearing up..

source last pic & video via RPLife.

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