Friday, August 13, 2010

The Very, Very, Different Side Of Rob We'll Get To See In 'Bel Ami'

Today we heard more from Christina Ricci, who plays one of Rob's love interests in Bel Ami. She told Popcorn Biz that people need to be prepared to see Rob not as Edward, but as Georges:

"The world is used to seeing him one way, and he's very, very different in this movie," Ricci tells PopcornBiz from the Blackberry Torch from AT&T launch party, "But he's an actor, that's what it's about. And he's really great in this."
Ricci also talked about her on-screen relationship with Rob. Read the entire article at Popcorn Biz.

There is also a small bit from E!Online today, where she mentions Rob's fans:
"[Pattinson's] fans, in particular, get behind his career. They're not going to screw up his career by ruining his next movie. They were awesome. They applauded people when we came out of set; they were there and super psyched we were in Budapest or wherever we were."

This press junket is lining up to be all sorts of awesome. And we'll be Rob's supportive fans whether he's Georges, Jacob, Tyler or Edward. :)

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