Thursday, August 12, 2010

*Extra* Feedback From The 'Water For Elephants Set: Rob Doing Stunts

Today we heard from two more extras, who shared their experiences about working with Rob on the Water for Elephants set. The first account comes from Patrick Donahue, who mentioned what impressed him the most:
I was greatly impressed with Rob on two counts; one, he can switch accents between takes so fast! He’d talk in his British dialect while not working, and go right back into his American, and you’d never know he was acting it. He also was great with taking stunt falls. I watched as he was thrown off a train platform in a fight scene a good dozen-plus times, some of which he landed square on his back. But he took it and just rolled with it. Great stuff.

Read the rest at waterforelephantsfilm.com. Also check out Jay's story at WFEFilm.

 Photo: Shockya.com

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  1. could this bloke get any better?? he wont fade away like the brad pitts of this world, he HAS got talent, great looks are just a bonus!!if stupid screeming girls dont put him off acting (or send him deaf) then I think he will do well for a time to come.MESG TO THOSE SILLY SCREAMING FANS (that dont know how stupid they look and sound):- He is human U know!! let the poor fella get on with it!
    Luv ya rob u r a ledgend.