Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rob's New Hair And His Comments On 'Ellen' Catch The Media's Attention


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  1. Robert has so many projects to consider. Water for Elephants begins official shooting today (right now, in fact); Twilight and New Moon DVD and music sales still up with all their other collateral products, and on its heels Eclipse opening in a month with a huge promotional blast before and after it; rumors swirling about Breaking Dawn,,,one or two movies, where, when, who; the dark and sexy Bel Ami just barely done with him leaving Europe a moment before the next big volcanic cloud; Remember Me about to go into DVD market after its race through world markets, doing pretty good too for its small budget and the recession; and Little Ashes still winning awards, especially the GLADD, this past month. All of this within frantic world travel and promotional tours, magazines spreads and television interviews, not to mention those pesky papparazzi and screaming fans.

    Wow!!! That is a full career in just one year!

    Just typing this list has me ready for a nap. So, we wish him well on his newest project, and yes, there is much more in the works, but there can be no doubt that he's a thinker no matter what he says about himself. His fans and his friends wish him well. Stay sane within this rush of activity, media scrutiny, and yes, madness too.
    You're doing good.