Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rob And Kristen Make A Cameo On 'Sex In The City 2'

It was the cover that sent fans into a tizzy. Rob and Kristen looking their gorgeous selves in the December 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar. David Letterman put Rob on the spot about it, and now thanks to @elikarae we know the cover made it on to the Sex and the City sequel:

"R/K Harper's mag in Sex and the City 2...so cute :)"

We got a few more details from @NkHpTwihard:

 "There is one scene in SATC2 where Carrie is looking at mail and picks up the New Yorker.. below it is R&K Harper's Bazaar"       

There you have it. So enjoy the movie and see if you can spot the mag, I'll be too busy swooning over Mr. Big and Aidan..


  1. I saw that! I went to the midnight showing last night and caught it immediately. I was so excited I was freaking out. It's quick but you can't miss it.

  2. i have got it and it has the best pics of robert pattinson and k stew it is one of my fave magazeans bcz it has rob patz and kstew.there was a pic of K STEW and ROB PATZ standing together and KRISTEN is wearing a dress called lady in vamp and it is abselutly gorgous and ROB IS wearing a normal tux but looks hot as ever i <3 him