Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The National Movie Awards - Live blog

Best Fantasy Movie: New Moon

Peter accepting award. Mentions Rob!

Peter posts picture (via twitter) from awards ceremony after accepting award!

Exclusive new clip up next!

Rob wins for Best Performance of the Year, accepts from Water For Elephants Set!

Rest of the screencaps over at RPLife  

Most Anticipated Movie of the Year: Eclipse! Peter accepts award.

 Rob's family there to hear him win.. Congratulations Rob!

Eclipse TV clip was the same as the one released by Yahoo. Watch it now!

Thanks to SparklyLins, LadyFairyPants sammi_jade, keogirl for sharing their pics and videos. :)


  1. So Rob won based on what performance? New Moon? Remember Me?

  2. Congratulations Rob!!!!!!

    Thanks Yvett for news!!!

  3. every awards connected to twilight saga, the camera rolls for daniel radcliffe to see his reaction,.... he could remember robert as his castmate in harry pott'ah..... ouch! i love rob. he is so down to earth.. fame has not gotten to his head.