Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Give To Rob's Charity Of Choice: Get A Chance At A 'Twilight' Prize Pack

Thanks to an anonymous donor who we are so grateful to, today we announce our first big effort to reach the fundraising goal set forth on Rob's birthday. Rob recently told a fan that his charity of choice is the World Wildlife Fund. We at RobPattzNews thought helping support the cause he supports, would be the best birthday gift we could give him as fans. If you want to help us, this is what we are asking from you. Check out Rob's birthday site, to learn more about our year long project and leave him a message. Then donate as much or as little as you can afford to. Our ultimate goal is to raise $24,000 in honor of Rob's 24th birthday. 67,000 of you follow us on twitter. If about a third of you leave just a dollar, we can achieve that goal. When we reach the first $15,000 (US) we'll raffle the Twilight collector's package that you see above among those who donated (worlwide shipping). It includes:

• Copy of Details Mag w/Rob on the cover
• Copy of GQ Mag w/Rob on the cover
• Copy of Vanity Fair mag w/Rob on the cover
• Twilight and New Moon Movie Companions
• Copy of Twilight (pictured) and New Moon (not pictured but included) on Blue-ray
• Copy of Nightlight Harvard Lampoon
• And the four cardboard covers of the Twilight Series books - our donor says if someone is making a twi scrapbook, they might come in handy.

If you choose to help us raise funds for the WWF as part of Rob's birthday project, make sure you leave your information on the site when you donate because those will be the people entered in the raffle. Again, all it takes is as little as a dollar, and what you get in return is a chance at a cool collector's pack. But more than that, you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped raise funds for the charity Rob supports.

Lastly, we'd like to thank the amazing group of fans who have already donated or left a message for Rob on our birthday project site. Even if you don't participate in this latest fundraising effort, we encourage you to leave a message for Rob, in case he checks up on the progress of the fundraising efforts. Thanks again for your support.

RobPattzNews Staff

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