Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fan's Cute Story And Pictures After Meeting Rob In NY

@TracyZim was at the Regis and Kelly show last November when Rob was there promoting New Moon. She shared her pics via Thinking of Rob. Read her story below.

Thanks for sharing Tracy!
These were taken at the Regis and Kelly Show on 11/19/2009. I won tick­ets through the Twit­ter con­test R and K had. The close up pics are when he signed auto­graphs dur­ing the com­mer­cial break. I unfor­tu­nately didn’t get a pic with him. I got close enough to stand near him but it was sooo crazy and he had 2 — 3 body­guards on him. Time was also lim­ited as he had to go back to tape the 2nd seg­ment. Pic or no pic just get­ting to stand near him and see him in per­son was a thrill of a life­time. They do not let you take pics with a flash when film­ing so some of the pics are grainy and blurry. I think their light­ing also added to the poor qual­ity. They taped his seg­ment the same day which aired the next day.

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  1. Yes I've had problems with my small digital camera and lighting in certain venues...but I try to lighten them and do my best. Kudos for getting such clear up close pics though. Oh he's so pretty!!! almost hurts how pretty that boy is.