Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Interview: Robert Pattinson Talks Being Humble And Unexpected Backlash

UPDATE: We've added the scans of the magazine thanks to TwiFans

In a new interview with Famous magazine, Rob talks about filming in Vancouver, the reason he's a little hesitant to buy a house, going up against Taylor's muscles, and why trying to remain humble has brought on an unexpected reaction:
“The problem is, mainly, that I’m really finicky about looking pretentious for some reason,” he says. “I think, because I haven’t done too much work and I’ve become so, kind of, big, people have a hyper-judgment of you. I always thought the best way to deal with that is just to kind of play down everything. But I never saw the result of that being people saying, ‘Why can’t you just shut up? We’re so sick of the humble act. When’s he going to stop pretending to be humble?"
Read the rest of what Rob had to say on the Cineplex blog.

Above is a new still of a scene between Bella and Edward, although we're pretty sure we've seen the image on the Eclipse game. Eclipse opens in the U.S. one month from today!

Photo: Summit Entertainment
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  1. The reason he is loved is because he is not only beautiful and talented but humble....He understands that he is an actor and his job is to enlighten and entertain. He is not royalty or a God. I think in this country we are starving for something and have made the entertain industry our royalty. I love Rob and wish him a longish career and to stay true to who he is and no this image.

  2. This is a very refreshing article. It's great to read how both Robert and Kristen feel about their work and their lives. Twilight has had such a huge and surprising level of success, it's natural that so many want to see into the private lives of those in the middle of that vortex. I do hope that the firstorm around their personal lives dies down so they can actualy enjoy their life outside of work. They are both so talented; we all look forward to the next new ventures.