Thursday, May 27, 2010

Own it: The Shirt Bella Wears When Canoodling With Edward

You know you want that shirt!.. and so does Teen Vogue. That's why they've put together a new article on Eclipse style, and where you can get it. We're happy with this plaid shirt, thank you very much.

On second thought, we'd rather have THIS plaid shirt..

Check out the rest of the Eclipse looks Teen Vogue picked, plus where you can buy them. Three words: Memorial Day Sale!

Photo: Teen Vogue, Robert-Kristen.com.


  1. You can find the exact same ones on Forever 21.

  2. btw... the second pic looks like there's some boob-grabbing going on lol

  3. Ehh. I'm done with plaid. Plus, those don't even look like the actual shirts used.

  4. I'd get one if it came with the boob grabber.