Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pocket Edward Visits The 'Water For Elephants' Set: Fan Report

It's week two of production of Water for Elephants in California. Today we got a great update on the first few days of filming courtesy of the @WFEfilm fan site. On the historical side, @H2OforElephants had a very nice article on the train, that you can say is a major character in the film.

On our part, we'll share a fan report sent in by Kelli, who lives near the area where the movie is being filmed. She checked out the set over the weekend and brought pocket Edward along for the ride!

When I found out about a month ago that Robert Pattinson would be filming his new movie "Water For Elephants" in almost my backyard I freaked out! I like so many love the guy. So, when I saw that the director mentioned on Twitter that he had put up the "Big Top" I grabbed my six year old son and told him "Let's go find us a circus tent"! We headed out to Fillmore, CA and proceeded to find what looked like circus animal cars and some newly painted boxcars! I was extremely excited and took some pics! So, needless to say when I saw this exact same boxcar the first day of shooting with the man of the hour in it, I about died!

As we turned the corner there in a beautiful orchard of reds, yellows, and greens was the most beautiful beat up looking circus tent I have ever seen, my heart started racing and I nearly started to cry. I was just so happy that we had found it. Well, we drove by the entrance and there were about 17 other people there. I was expecting a lot more. But from this entrance you couldn't even see the set so we turned around and parked where you could. I took some pics of the train, circus tent and building but no sign of "you know who".

We waited and waited...and waited and waited but no signs of Mr. Pattinson. Finally, everyone was leaving and so we watched the cars. One car came up and had two blonde ladies in the front seat and I think that one of them was supposed to be a decoy for Reese Witherspoon. As this car pulled forward, I noticed that there was a person in the backseat with a grey hoodie and sunglasses on. We ALL know that this is Robert's favorite disguise.  The car pulled up next to us and the driver yelled out at some girls that were standing in the street that they should move and when she did that, the person in the backseat looked over at us and smiled.  I desperately didn't want to believe that he wouldn't stop for autographs but I guess he can't stop for everyone and it was Friday night. All in all I had a lot of fun and you always meet some really fun people when you are doing these things. Regards, Kelli.

Thanks for sharing Kelli!

We leave you with a reminder to follow director Francis Lawrence on twitter (@Hibbits). He's been posting updates straight from the Water for Elephants set. Of course you can also turn to us for coverage on Rob's latest project. Hopefully we get more Jacob pictures this week!


  1. AaaHaaa!
    At last, a good full length picture of Rob... standing so tall in the dirt road,,, and everyone is saying how buff he looks now,,,
    But here he looks so tiny.

    Looks like he needs a little more time in the gym!

  2. How funny!!! You saw RobPatz in cognito!!! ;P