Monday, May 24, 2010

New Twi-Merchandise Rolling In: Your Very Own 'Eclipse' Proposal Puzzle

UPDATE: We've added the close-ups of the puzzles, courtesy of  Twiboys.

For those who like racking their brain for hours or those like me who don't, now there's an incentive.. Eclipse jigsaw puzzles! @amomentspassion spotted them and sent this picture in.

 Thanks Melissa!

And if that is not enough money spent on Twilight stuff, there's now also a Bella and Edward Keepsake ornament. Hollywood Crush says it will be available starting July 10 at Hallmark stores for $14.95.  Today we got a closer look at the figurine that you can hang on your Christmas tree, or your car's rearview mirror. You know, whatever suits you..


  1. I know what I'm getting all my fellow twihards for Christmas!!

  2. this really isnt fair! look at all the twi merch u got in ur stores in the uk we are lucky if we get the sound track and posters :'( bring hot topic to the uk!