Saturday, May 15, 2010

Danica Patrick: Her Crush On Rob, Alive And Well

Race car driver Danica Patrick has talked about her crush for Rob before. And now she's doing it again in her interview with Details magazine.

Details: I read in Sports Illustrated that you have a crush on Rob Pattinson. What do you think of the photos from his Details cover shoot?

Danica Patrick: Do you have it? [Long pause while she flips through the story] Oh my gosh. He does look pretty good. Holy crap. I didn't know you could show boobs here.

Details: Are you into Twilight?

Danica Patrick: I'm obsessed. I've read them all. They did a good job of casting the movie—I mean, Rob looks the part. But I think nothing will ever compare to our own imaginations about, you know, perfection and . . . Dude, they are full on nude, like, they had to wax themselves! [Borat voice] Wah wah wee wah.
Thanks for the tip @KstewRobfans.

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  1. Yeah,well...she has them croat genes so crushing on Rob is her default setting...