Friday, May 21, 2010

People Magazine's 'Eclipse' Special: HQ Scans Are In!

So which cover are you going for? ;)

E! Online does make a good point:
It should be noted, too, that while each got covers, on Taylor's, Rob is referred to as the "Hottest Guy on Earth," while on Rob's, Taylor gets the lackluster label of being "All Grown Up."

Here are the scans of the mag that include Rob. You can see the rest over at KstewRobfans and thanks to twilightxchange for sharing. 

The Eclipse special is on sale now! To order, contact People magazine.


  1. Going to get this !! We Twilight fans are crazy.

  2. Just picked up my copy today. :o)

  3. Got a copy while at Walmart today..had to
    check around to find the Rob cover, the Taylor
    cover was plentiful.

  4. Wanted: New print interviews, not more recycled old quotes and photos.