Monday, May 24, 2010

*New* Eclipse Promo Image Of Edward on Mexican Cereal Box?

A fan sent these pictures in to Mexican Twilight site Crepusculo Meyer, who added the details of the promotion. We've translated them for you:
In each Corn Pops box you will find a free ticket to watch Eclipse in theaters. The ticket is valid Monday through Friday. Check restrictions on the cereal box.

Let's just put it this way. At least the Corn Pops are not attacking Edward like during last year's promotion

Thanks for the tip Spunk Ransom.


  1. Twilight has truly taken over the world :)

  2. now as i see my boy with hair looking so fine,i'm thinking any photo with rob he needs to have short hair lol

  3. mmmm, Rob looks weird on that pic, maybe its the angle, it looks like it was retouched just a little to much...
    The box of cereal is hilarious though!

  4. I know he is not the hottest guy in the world but he shure is cute and has this certain charm that makes u m=want to cuddle with him.YUMMY