Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rob Talks 'Remember Me' In SkyView Magazine (Mexico)

Translation by Twilight Poison

Tyler’s character reminds us of James Dean, where you inspired by him?

Not necessarily. I think it’s a side that every person has. It’s true that this character has something very ‘Rebel without a cause’ about him, but there were other sides of Tyler that interested me, like his arrogant side. He tragically lost a family member and I think that his reverly and anger towards them it’s because he stopped being the center of attention. I tried to make these things very present when playing the character. There’s a big reason why the James Dean stereotype is still so present to this day, especially among young actors.

What was it like working with Pierce Brosnan? Obviously you guys had to work with certain tension between you. Did it interfere with your relatiship with him?

Not at all. There was no real tension. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I had no idea what to think of him in the beginning, but he’s very hardworking, and not pretencious at all. We didn’t have a lot off scenes together but he was very kind to me. It was wonderful.

The main characters in the movie seem to appreciate life very much, do you think there’s a lesson for the audience?

One of the things that I liked about the story is that neither of the main characters had the idea that love is supposed to last forever. Thy are both just enjoying the happy moments they are living, and they are very valuable to them, even if they’re very short moments.

And what makes you happy?

The little things that are not very common. What I tried to communicate in the movie is that there’s little things that in life that sneek up on you, and surprise you.

Are you trying to mark a difference between your character in Twilight and the characters that you’re doing now, so that people know you’re more than Edward Cullen?

No, I’m not focused in that. I’m still choosing my roles the same way I always did. At least I still think I do. There’s very few things that interest me, so it’s easy for me to choose what I’m going to do next. All the projects that I’ve chosen have been very different from each other. I’m going to play soon a guy that was raised by aboriginals, and all my dialogue is in comanche. Right now I’m doing Bel Ami, which is very ironic because all these women fall for this guy but he just wants to steal their money. I thought it was a fun contrast from Edward Cullen.

Because he’s such a romantic?

Yes, and he’s the total opposite of that. But it wasn’t intentional. I thought it was a very fun movie, and my role is very interesting. I had never done such a simple role, and by simple I don’t mean shallow, I mean normal. He’s a relief in many ways.

Can you still have a normal life?

Only in London, where I go to low-key places. There’s so many places there that I can go to and nobody knows who I am. I’ve gone to a pub where the bartender tells me everytime she sees me how much I look like the guy in the Twilight movies. It’s funny because she tells me the same thing every single time. Fortunately, people aren’t thinking in movies all the time so if they see me in the streets they’er embarrassed to say anything. Fame has its good side. I’m not struggling to get work now, and I can go from one movie to the next. To be honest I have the best position that any actor my age would want.


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