Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Remember Me' Box Office Update: $55 Million Dollars Worldwide

Per Alt Film Guide:

Robert Pattinson’s drama Remember Me took in $23K at 76 sites on its 9th weekend, according to estimates found at Box Office Mojo. The film’s drop-off rate was 47.4% after losing nearly 40% of its venues. The per-theater average was $303. Total to date: $19.056m.

Worldwide, thanks to Pattinson’s international popularity, Remember Me has grossed approximately $55m.


  1. Ivett Gracias por publicar... Go----> RememberMe

    En serio quienes tenemos la última risa...Muy feliz por Robert, todo el elenco, el director Ellen y Will Fetter...

    Robert es internacional definitivamente, le deseo de todo corazón que le vaya excelente en su carrera como actor porque se lo merece y tiene un gran talento...

    Ansiosa de ver Bel Ami y Agua para Elefantes....

  2. thanks from Spain Ivette

  3. That's great considering it's a little movie.Well done Rob and all the cast.Loved the Remember Me.

  4. It's nice to see this level of success with a small film like this one. Hopefully that number will continue to rise. With all the different opening dates around the world it is confusing to know where Remember Me is still showing. I'm curious to know if it has now been shown everywhere or are there still some openings pending? I think we still have quite a long way to go before we get "final" figures on the financial success of this film... then there's award possibilities. This is a Robert Pattinson year,,, one film following another,,, and the hysteria continues to build. What a strange phenomenon: Robert Pattinson.