Friday, May 7, 2010

Edward and Bella Declare Their Love in Russian: Twilight TV Commercial

@YuliaAbramova was nice enough to send us this Twilight commercial, that is airing on Russian network TNT. It's actually kinda hot to hear Edward speak Russian to Bella.. take a listen:

Added text attached to commercial on the network's website. Google translate is always such a treat:

Announcement: They met by chance. He saved her life, although he should have died with her. And now Bell wants to know who her savior. He has super powers - he runs fast, easy climbs onto any surface and can be a blow to break through a concrete wall. But is it a habit that it alarming - love to the darkness. Bella knew that refused to understand. She fell in love with a vampire ...

Slogan: "Forbidden fruit is sweet.

Who: Robert Pattison in the role of charming vampire and Sarah Clarke as his favorite ... donor.

Available: Vampires, twilight, love, tears and other romance.
Did you know that ... In the role of Edward, Stephanie Meyer, when she wrote the book, only saw Henry Cahvilla, but by the beginning of a screen version of the actor much outgrown his character. During the casting also be considered Thomas Starridge, but in the end the main character played by Robert Pattinson.

Note: The bulk of filming took place in Portland (Oregon), as was involved city of Saint Helens, a school where the movie the main characters learn, as exists Kalama High School.

Keyword: "It's the quality of Superman, right? But what if I - not a hero. What if I do - very bad guy? "



  1. Edward has supersposobnosti I think this means super sperm

  2. Kimberly PessoaMay 8, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    ^.^ Rob is so incredile, his the perfect kind of guy! I love him so much! : *