Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rob Talk: Aidan Quinn & Jimmy Fallon

Aidan Quinn had some advice for Rob when he was interviewed by OK! Magazine recently.

“Try and pick good projects,” the actor, 51, tells me. “Do what you want to do that challenges you as an actor. Be smart, have fun and start to produce your own material because the big fame rarely lasts. There will come a day when the phone doesn’t ring as much as it used to.”
And while Jimmy Fallon may mock Rob a bit with his Robert is Bothered skit, he seems to think the world of Rob after meeting him when he came on the show while promoting Remember Me in March.
PS: How was Robert Pattinson to work with on Robert is Bothered?

JF: He was a great sport. He climbed up in the tree and did it with us. I've never heard louder screams in my life. The screams didn't compare to anyone, even when Justin Bieber has been on. He was describing his movie Remember Me and people would just not stop screaming. And I was just thinking this is so cool. What an experience. I really hope he's enjoying this ride. He's a great guy and he deserves it. He was really shy and really happy — exactly the same backstage as he is on the interview. He's a charming guy, but just really shy and I just hope he's enjoying the moment. It must be super exciting to be him.

Could there be an award show version of  Robert is Bothered on the way? read Jimmy's answer at PopSugar.

And of course.. watch Rob being bothered by Rob.. err Jimmy's version again!

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