Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ahh The Look.. More 'Eclipse' Premiere Fan Pictures To Brighten Your Sunday


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  1. He looks SO good. That gucci suit was amazing

    By why didnt you include the ones where all three of them are posing (the source you took these from has new fan pics of the Rob/Kris/Tay up) and only the ones with Rob/Tay posing?

  2. Es tann lindo! Me gustaría conocerlo personalemte, aunq sea verlo y listo jaja! Me enamoré..

  3. I think i read somewhere that his outfit was special made for him. only rob can make marroon look that good. his face is so goofily adorable in these. and IA, the pics of the trio from the back from the original source are tres cute. i love how kristen is like gripping his jacket. they all looked hot that night