Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes: Rob's Red Carpet Interviews

Rob talks all of his projects.. really good stuff! - the rest of our coverage.

Olivia Wilde talks Rob

Peter is asked about Breaking Dawn

Garrett Hedlund mentions Rob visiting the set of On The Road

Jake Gyllenhaal is forced to make a decision.. Rob or Justin Bieber?..

All-in-1 video from MTV (Rob's interview)

Access Hollywood

If you can't watch, you can read the interview on their site. Or below on YouTube

Extra (at about 6:05) or check out the YouTube posts below

Who wants to guess what Rob's talking about?..

Now we know.. here's that interview

Talking to Screenslam

With Al Roker (NBC's Today Show)

E!'s Best of the Golden Globes (Rob is mentioned at about 11:45)

Olivia Wilde and Rachel Zoe talk about Rob

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  1. I luv these interviews with MTV, I luv Rob when he says doing the love scenes in BD and Bel Ami are like playing Twister. That I would luv to see.

  2. he just always know what to said and it's funny and charming :D oh my god really loves him a lottt!!! :*