Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keira Knightley Reportedly Joins Rob In Cosmopolis!

UPDATE: The Playlist has confirmed that Marion Cotillard has indeed left Cosmopolis. Read the quote from her rep at their site. However seems news of Keira joining Rob in the film was premature, with her name now removed from the producer's site and her official statement via EW. So we wait..

We are left speechless and excited if this news is confirmed. Interesting to note that Marion Cotillard's name has now been removed from the site, further fueling rumors that she may be out due to her pregnancy. Cotillard was still there when we took this screenshot last week. The news is coming from one of the companies involved in bringing the film to the big screen so.. more scoop as we get it!

Learn more about the project, and then check out Knightley's previous connection to Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg at Hollywood Life.

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via LeRPattzClub & CosmopolisFilm.


  1. OMG!!!! SO EXCITED!!
    I love Keira!

  2. Probably because Marion is preggers.

  3. I am ecstatic with this news, brilliant casting. I can see Keira so much more suited to this role than Marion. This is going to be a very good pairing. I thought I was superexcited to see WFE which I still am, I am even more excited to see Rob w/Keira. Doing a happy dance.

  4. It's a shame Marion will no longer be in the movie,but Keira Knightley is also a great actress...and would probably play the role of Eric's young wife of just 22 days..Elise Shifrin..this is exciting casting news..I can't wait for the rest...as far as the story goes in COSMOPOLIS ..this will be a shocking eye opener role for Rob..omg!!

  5. Hi @Iluvthemovies,it's nice to see you,did you get my email?in mesgr..Like you I'm really getting excited for this movie..I have not seen any David Cronenberg movie but my daughter has and she mentioned explicit,violent,dark..hmm looking like it is definitely with adult theme,NC 17 type movie..well we just have to wait..thanks RPN for this exciting news! hi to my favs:)

  6. oh my god i'll be thrilled if this is right, I used to kind of imagine Rob have a movie with Keira, but in my imagination it would be a 1800's movie, but anyway I will be excited if the news is true. I like the Rob & keira pairing hope would be a love couple in real life too, seeing that both are british :))

  7. I was going to ignore this comment about someone hoping for a real life pairing of Rob and Keira as a couple..but as a Rob and Kristen fan..hmm..I'm positively sure it is a wishful thinking and IMO it's not going to happen at present time..I know they have not announced that they are a couple in real life but there are a lot of evidences that Rob and Kristen are very much a couple in real life !..hi to my favs:)

  8. Regarding some fans comments I read here, why do we always come back to Rob and Kristen even when we are talking about a project that has nothing to do with his private life or Twilight??, his private life is only his and this post is about his work and the co-star that could be and it is always great to see him paired with good actresses, like the ones he has been working so far.
    I love Marion, she is amazing actress, but I also like Kiera, so either one of them would be great, though now her name is out of the film production´s site, so I no we are left with no co-star at all .. it is changing by the minute.

  9. love...
    it's great rob gets to work with an array of actors. not that twilight is bad, but it's great that he can prove himself to be more than what-people-degrade-as-just-a-teen-angsty-vampire [he's past that point so looooong ago].

    when i read this article, what immediately came to my mind was one interview of rob where he said something like his agent used to market him as the male keira knightley.

    light and love ROB!


  10. Looks like Keira is out now....according to the site. Whats up?