Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cast Dinner In Baton Rouge: 'Breaking Dawn' Update

So we're guessing the shooting schedule eased up enough for the cast to grab a nice dinner together..

Last night we also got a first look at Maggie Grace in Baton Rouge ( she plays Irina), after Andrea Gabriel tweeted a picture of the two of them.

According to the cast this week has been a busy one, but as you can see they manage to keep the humor about it.

Peter talked to MTV and several other outlets about the intense shooting schedule, and he also confirmed they've already filmed the last scene in Breaking Dawn.

In the meantime, workers are busy building Bella's house outside Vancouver. You can see the pictures at Hollywood Life.

There's also buzz there may be more than one Renesmee. While we know about Mackenzie Foy, these are the girls who are rumored to be Renesmee as well. Keep you posted on this one.

That is all for now!

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