Monday, January 31, 2011

OK! Magazine: Who Wants To Marry Rob?.. Apparently A Lot Of People

Rob was voted #3 in the magazine's poll of  "Most Desirable Celebrity Husbands." You don't want to know who beat him to the #2 spot (we're fine with #1). Oh, you do?..  check it out at CTV.

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Photo: tengossip.com


  1. Yes,ITA with you..I have no problem with the NO 1#..but the one who came 2nd WTF!!so sorry for swearing..but Dear God!!that's definitely a big Joke!!lol!!IMO!!

  2. I am with you about 2nd place it is ridiculous! #2 is a joke - he is just a kid anyway who is not old enough to even think marriage.