Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Convinced Rob To Do Water For Elephants?.. Clue: Gives Wet Kisses

People Magazine just published the rest of their interview from their visit to the Water for Elephants set. We find out what reportedly convinced Rob, to take the role of Jacob:

"Rob was non-committal until he saw the elephant," recalls the film's animal coordinator Paul 'Sled' Reynolds. "After he met Tai, he knew he wanted to do this movie. He absolutely adored that elephant."

Director Francis Lawrence also talks about the chemistry between Rob and Reese, and how after meeting Rob he knew he had the right person for the job:
"I found that, wow, this guy kind of already is Jacob."

Read the rest (really, you don't want to miss) over at People Magazine.

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  1. If you really love animals, it says a lot about you.If they love you back, it says even more.