Thursday, January 6, 2011

What.. Or Really Who Rob Wore To The People's Choice Awards

It was a golden moment for Rob at the People's Choice Awards, as he got up on stage to accept his awards for Eclipse. And now we know what designer inspired his look!

 Robsessed Spain tracked that info down. Love Rob's fans.. 

Here's more on the collection.

Thanks Katie :)


  1. ROB looked so cool and gorgeous in that jacket ..Gold and black seemed their favourite choice colour when attending awards together..like in MTV...thanks to Katie for this info!!hugs to my favs:)

  2. Honestly i didn't like the jacket but "strangely" knowing it designer it's "strangely" starting to look better lol! anyway like Kristen he could be wearing a sack and still look afuckingmazing ^_^

  3. Very futuristic, love him, he looks good in everything, so beautiful.