Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rob Looking Dashing As Always: People's Choice Awards Coverage

First look at Rob backstage!


In the audience.. very cute!

Check out the rest of the pictures (and there are many!) in HQ at RPLife (more added at this link).

Screencaps and tons of more of them here + if you like Gifs, Twilight Poison made some for you.

With Queen Latifah

Kristen's acceptance speech (you see Rob)

The three accepting the award for Favorite Movie and Favorite Drama Movie (two different awards)

Rob's montage for his nomination as 'Favorite Movie Star Under The Age of 25'

The cast also won for Favorite On Screen Team & Kristen won for Favorite Movie Actress. Check out all the results at People's Choice.

And the thanks came from all over the Twilight world

Our favorite :p

Congratulations to Rob & the cast of Twilight!


  1. wow you work fast,,,thank youuu Love em well Robsten especially :))

  2. is it just me or did it look like Rob wanted to hold her hand when they were walking up the stairs?

  3. is that a pause on 1:38 hmm,,,s'okay :))
    we're waiting the last acceptance at the end of the show :)

  4. Here are a few videos Rob,Tay,Kris @ PCA


  5. NEW vid
    rkt accepting award---to me seems like rob wanted kris hand


  6. Thank you Gena, I totally thought the same thing, twice he tried to reach for her hand but she didn't even notice :)

  7. Totally wants to hold her hand but she was so nervous.... and all the time she tried to be close with Taylor. Rob looked uncomfortable...!!

  8. Thanks for all the updates tonight ;)

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  10. Is it just the gel or does his hair look really dark?

  11. not liking the darker hair on rob!

  12. What is Rob holding in the pics backstage with Natalie Portman? Is that a purse? Whose purse? O_o

  13. Rob is beautiful as always, but what did they do to his hair? Way short for Edward - and looks like he came right out of the shower (which is understandable if they flew in just in time for the show).