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Golden Globes: Your Burning Questions Answered

The day has arrived!, fans finally get to (fingers crossed) watch Rob walk down the red carpet on his way to present an award at the Golden Globes in LA. Since we won't be there, we're putting you as close to the action as we can.. with the scoop on how the night will likely go for Rob.

Let's start with the question many of you have been asking, will Rob walk the red carpet (getting set up below)?

As of now, it looks like a sure bet. Various news outlets have reported that he will, likely because he's already on that red carpet arrivals list. As far as what he'll wear, we're thinking traditional tux, but you know Rob!

Sounds like he will be taking questions too.. we just hope he is not too tipsy by then, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be plenty of drinking:

The show patrons continue to enjoy their drink. It is the most spirited of the major award shows. Some 9000 glasses of Moet & Chandon champagne will be drunk Sunday. One thousand Moet minis will be served on the red carpet and leading into the ballroom. In the ballroom, all magnums are pre-prepped so that they are popped and chilled in ice buckets on the table.

When it comes to figuring out who his date will be, it will be interesting to see. E! claims that Kristen has no plans to attend the ceremony or the afterparties. The issue then becomes who will he take?. Presenters are allowed one guest, but if Rob brings his agent or manager they likely won't be sitting with him. Why you ask? two words.. Judy Solomon.
Even more unique in a town where everyone owes someone else a favor, Solomon doesn’t seem to care who she pisses off. Last year, she caused a mini world war when she declared that no agents or managers could sit in the pit—i.e., the area closest to the stage, where the biggest movie stars are seated. (The logic was that too many dark suits in the audience does not make for sexy TV.) This ruling prevented CAA partner Kevin Huvane from sitting with his client Meryl Streep, who was nominated for a Best Actress award for Julie & Julia.

CAA’s reaction? “Explosive,” said one source. Huvane “wanted to go with Meryl.”

In the end, Huvane went, but was seated in the more bourgeois tier of tables just above the pit.
You can read all about the woman that everyone fears in Hollywood around this time at The Daily Beast. Or check out yahoo's excellent breakdown on the seating arrangements below.

ET confirmed Rob will sit at the Summit table with Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis, both stars of Red. So even if he decides is forced to fly solo, at least he'll be in good company. And what a meal they will share!

That is.. if he gets there early enough according to The Hollywood Reporter:

The room is full of hungry stars. Waiters remove all the food before 5 pm regardless of whether the stars make it to their tables to eat. The production does not want the sound of knives and forks clacking in the background of the show or people with potatoes hanging out of their mouth on camera. Consequently stars in 'the pit' -- the front area most coveted and packed with A-listers -- is full of people trying to get small plates of foods from the back delivered to them discreetly during the show.
Given Rob's previous award show arrival times, we're guessing he's going hungry.. lol. Moving on, once Rob does settle in, for sure he'll want to take a smoke break.. or ten. Turns out when it comes to awards shows, The Golden Globes are the best place for it:

Again, per The Hollywood Reporter:
The ballroom has what every other award show desperately (for some) lacks: an easily accessible smoking area. It's out the multi-door fire exits in the back overlooking the pool. This is where they should have a camera. It's the loosest scene of the night. Anyone who's restless, bored, or just needs a breath of air, hangs out. It's also "the" place to network during the show.
Does this describe the place Rob will LIVE during the show or what?!

Gold Derby found out Rob will present the award for Foreign Language Film along with Tron's Olivia Wilde. The Hollywood Reporter says that's usually the only award that voters consistently get right:

Nobody says the Globes are more prestigious, or voted upon by a more qualified electorate, than the Oscars. But there's one area where the HFPA might outshine AMPAS: best foreign- language film. Chalk it up to their being foreigners themselves, but they make consistently intelligent choices in this category. There's no The Tourist in these nominees.
Here is the order of the awards, so you don't miss Rob during a bathroom break:

1. FILM SUPPORTING ACTOR (presented by Scarlett Johansson)

2. DRAMA TV ACTRESS (presented by Julie Bowen and LL Cool J)

3. ? (presented by Bruce Willis)

4. TV SUPPORTING ACTOR (presented by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester)

5. HFPA PRESIDENT INTRO (presented by Eva Longoria)

6. TV MINISERIES/MOVIE (presented by Kevin Bacon and Milla Jovovich)

7. FILM ORIGINAL SONG (presented by Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez)

8. FILM ORIGINAL SCORE (presented by Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez)

9. ANIMATED FEATURE (presented by Justin Bieber and Hailee Steinfeld)

10. COMEDY/MUSICAL FILM ACTRESS (presented by Robert Downey, Jr.)

11. MINISERIES/TV MOVIE ACTOR (presented by Geoffrey Rush and Tilda Swinton)

12. MINISERIES/TV MOVIE ACTRESS (presented by Geoffrey Rush and Tilda Swinton)

13. ? (presented by Steve Carell and Tina Fey)

14. TV SUPPORTING ACTRESS (presented by Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth)

15. FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (presented by Robert Pattinson and Olivia Wilde)

16. COMEDY/MUSICAL TV ACTRESS (presented by Blair Underwood and Vanessa Williams)

FILM CLIP INTRO FOR "BURLESQUE" (presented by Jane Fonda)

17. COMEDY/MUSICAL TV ACTOR (presented by Matt Bomer and Kaley Cuoco)

18. FILM SUPPORTING ACTRESS (presented by Jeremy Irons)

CECIL B. DEMILLE AWARD (presented by Matt Damon)

21. COMEDY/MUSICAL TV SERIES (presented by Jimmy Fallon & January Jones)

22. ? (presented by Tim Allen & Tom Hanks)

23. DRAMA FILM LEAD ACTOR (presented by Sandra Bullock)

24. DRAMA FILM LEAD ACTRESS (presented by Jeff Bridges)


And check out the gift bag he got for accepting the gig..

Eventhough the items in the goodie bag no doubt will come in handy, here's our theory on what really convinced Rob that he had to be there tonight..

Ricky Gervais (who is hosting) as far as we're concerned is the reason Rob is attending the awards, no?.. let's revisit this little TELLING interview why don't we..

Finally, there will be tons of parties after the show. Check out the rundown and take your guess on which ones (because you know it will be more than one) Rob will attend.

It's looking to be an amazing night on the red carpet. We hope you joins us for complete coverage on twitter and on the blog!

Photos: Golden Globes

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