Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eric Packer.. Who Can Resist Him?

Great new wallpaper by @candykizzes24. Just click and save!


  1. Wow that is hot! Thanks Candykizzes!

  2. OMG!!ITA Chilbunch,totally HOT!!my hubby have just bought me the Cosmopolis book from Amazon..and started reading..already imagining Rob as Eric Packer..this film is going to be sizzling hot!!I can't wait to see this film..2011 looking like a very busy year for our favourite actor..appearances at the Golden Globe,The Academy Award(Oscar).I hope!!lol..WFE..Shooting of Cosmopolis-May..Bel Ami...MTV and TEEN Choice awards..promo for Breaking Dawn /Premiere...Goodness me I feel really exhausted just looking at this schedules.lol!!.all I can say is..GOODLUCK ROB!!..Hi to my favs!!

  3. hi @twilightnan!!!

    i think it'll be a great year for ROB too!!
    i'm so excited
    hope to see a lot of him
    luv and miss alll my favs
    tks RPN for the amazing posts!!

  4. Hello! my dear friend @Yaelfica..it's nice to see you here..missed you..are you going on mesgr...I mean..Hell tonight? it's gone 9:40pm London time..I'm still not 100% coughing especially at night ..going to see the doctor tomorrow and then having my hair done on friday..still Reading Cosmopolis..I'm not going to put down any spoilers..Hugs to the other favs! thanks RPN!