Thursday, January 13, 2011

Most Wanted: An Artist's Rendition of The Pop Icon That Is Robert Pattinson

UPDATE 1/25: Richard Phillips talked to Vanity Fair about the process of creating Rob's portrait. You can read those details at Vanity Fair.

Painter Richard Phillips shared Rob's image with Elle magazine, for an article that also takes a look at Kristen's portrait.

Of Rob's portrait Phillips says:

Robert Pattinson, 2009

“The demand for getting things right with Pattinson—getting the lips right, the beard right—is important because all the character he has in his classic ‘I’ve seen it all before’ look is made up of all those constituent parts. A friend of mine stopped by and said, ’There’s a subliminal message in his beard, but I can’t make it out.’ There isn’t [laughs].”

Subliminal message eh?.. hmm, must look closer next time Rob grows a beard ;)

On Elle's site, read why it was actually Rob's portrait (for a V Man article) that led Phillips to create more of this kind of work.

You can go admire (drool over, really) all of the creations at White Cube in London, starting January 28th.

Photo: Tom Powel Imaging, courtesy of White Cube

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