Friday, January 14, 2011

Confirmed: Rob On Set For 'Water For Elephants' Reshoots!

While we knew Water for Elephants reshoots were on the way, we weren't sure whether Rob was going to be part of them. But our source (who will hopefully have a full report later) did confirm Rob is on set right now, and gave us a few more details to share:

 "They just finished a scene where he carries her (Reese) through the mud on his back...setting up for a new scene now."

"Tai is here now.....Go Rosie!!!"

Here are Kelli's exclusive pictures of Rob on set today - and just a bit of her account:

I had heard that Rob wasn't supposed to be apart of them. But OH MY GOSH, he was there and so was Reese and Tai! I will savor this memory forever and ever! They were filming a scene in which Jacob carries a umbrella carrying Marlena on his back through the mud. Over and over again. She is dressed in a cream colored circus costume with lots of sequins and feathers. He is wearing the beloved high boots, suspenders, brown pants, whitish shirt and a red striped tie. Dean (Rob's bodyguard) was there too.

Kelli tells us that after finishing that scene, the cast and crew went inside the circus tent to presumably shoot a scene with Rosie.

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After carefully looking at the first set of pictures, @WFEFilm commented that she thought the scenes being shot were post Marlena and Jacob leaving the Benzini Brothers circus.. and guess what, she was right!

(Updated HQ and untagged versions of the pictures below here)

Words cannot describe how excited we are to see this movie. April 22nd get here already!

source of second set of pics


  1. He is so HAWT. Read the book. LOVED it. Can't wait for the movie...

  2. I luv the addition of Rob holding that baby and showing the baby the elephant. Now those are pics to go awwww.

  3. hyde...

    that's seriously so good. the ones with the baby and rosie with ROB (of course) are the best. can't wait.

  4. Hi,

    just read the book and love it ...I could understand that he wats to play Jakob...and I can` t wait to see him in the movie

    Thanks for these sweet pictures,

  5. Hey those pics are very awesome. Its understood that he needs to play. Its very difficult to wait for the movie.