Saturday, January 8, 2011

Look At 'Cosmopolis' Poster Before Rob Took The Role of Eric Packer

Apparently this is the Cosmopolis poster shown to the press and potential distributors at Cannes last year, when Colin Farrell was still attached to star in the film. Now that Rob has taken over the role, it will be interesting to see the marketing approach. If reports are correct, production will begin in Toronto in May. In fact Paris Match says filming will begin May 23, and that was further confirmed by Cosmopolis co-producer Alfama Films which also added Rob to the promotional page on their site (or check it out below).

To learn all about the role of Eric Packer head over to our handy post.

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  1. May long week-end!! Swweeeeet!

    So he may be here in Toronto for my birthday!

  2. I just finished reading excerpt from first chapter and the writing of the book really is bad; I hope they can do better with the movie script.

  3. This is one of the few books that leaves me questioning whether or not it is brilliant or simply not worth the time. But it is compelling and I can see why it attracted DC. While it will be challenging to translate to film, Cronenberg is a genius. Hats off to Rob for taking on a challenging role.

  4. I think Rob likes these types of roles just to see if he can make them work. Poor baby, he will not have much of a break between finishing BD and the start of filming this movie. But he said he always liked to work while he can.